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Plan your world tour by bike: To Do

We have a big plan, we planned and started the biggest journey of our lives so far.

For 50 days now we have been on the road. The hectic time of travel preparation is far behind us.
Preparing for such a journey by bike is exhausting, time-consuming, thoughtful, and involves a lot of emotional decisions.

It requires to leave everything behind neatly and organised. And if possible available from afar so that you can access important bits. Handing over the apartment, selling items you no longer need, quitting or pausing your employment, terminating all sorts of contracts.

Ensuring your journey will be healhty, fun, and safe. Insurances need to be filled, doctors must be consulted, necessary vaccinations taken. And one needs to think about the worst case, this is not partircularly beautiful, but essential.

At the same time, you need to prepare for cycling and camping, which is of course the fun part. In our case this time required an enormous amount of product research and online shopping. We had to ask ourselves: What is necessary for our journey? Packing is quite challenging. We separated ourselves from many material companions, in particular due to the importance of traveling light and minimalistic.

Farewells from relatives, friends and colleagues were very important to us. Dinners, drinks and events took a lot of time, but eventually provided us with a lot of strength, which I especially needed to believe in our plans. It is quite nerve-wracking to leave your environment, and to venture off into a completely new and different adventurous lifestyle.

We are publishing our very detailed checklist, which we have created with the purpose to organise and help ourselves. We are providing you with a slimmed-down version, hopefully it will provide you with some insights and help you with your preparations.

This time was stressful, nevertheless we have forgotten all about it already. Now we are sitting in our little tent in a picturesque glade in the Bulgarian mountains and working on our blog - it’s raining outside… :)

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