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tyro nomads

The idea of tyro nomads started flurishing in Spring 2017. To date the concept is to document ours and others nomadic lifestyles by sharing our DIY tips, documenting modes of transports, equipment, cooking utensils, travel guides, and so on.
We are currently traveling around the globe, you can see what we are up to on our live map.


Mimouna was born in 1988 and grew up in a a small village in Germany from Algerian and German parents. Her family owned a small bikeshop, so her father was eager to teach her to ride a bike at 2 years old.
She likes creative and calm activities, being outside in the nature gives her power and inspiration. She likes to discover the world slowly and consciously by bike.
Mimouna wants to share her creative cooking, hacks, and experience on bikepacking travels.


Yves was born in Belgium, in 1987, he grew up surrounded by hills and forests at the border with Germany and The Netherlands. An old-school BMX from Santa would become his first ride, as he grew older, and his needs for adrenaline with him, he started racing XC mountain-bikes.
Nowadays he loves road cycling and bikepacking, when he does not ride his bikes he likes to travel, read comics, write software, listen to music, or hang out with his friends.
Yves enjoys sharing his bikepacking learnings to turn other folks to the light side. He is responsible for the technical work around here.