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Fundraiser: World Bicycle Relief

Traveling the world is encountering endless generosity. Families opened their homes to us. People shared food & water. Handyman repaired our equipment. Children made us laugh. Many who have little, assisted us when we needed it desperatly. For free.

Helping each other, is the most valuable.

So we want to help. We witnessed how many people around the world have little or no means of transport. Owning a bicycle goes a long way to provide for a family. Children can cycle to class, farmers can deliver their harvest, craftsman sell their goods, doctors can visit patients.

This is where World Bicycle Relief comes in. Over the last 10 years they have build over 400000 sturdy, low-maintenance, low-cost bicycles. They have distributed these bikes to people in developing countries, trained mechanics to locally assemble and repair the bikes, and increased healthcare, economic development and education in these communities.

The plan

Between now and the end of the year we are raising money for 10 buffalo bicycles, 1340€.
If you want to participate, please donate an amount of your choice, there are no small donations, every euro helps.

667€ collected of 1340€ goal
thanks to 21 donors

In return, I will be cycling the full length of Belgium in one day, from the coastal city of Ostend in the West, to the Belgian/German border town of Kelmis in the East. The distance is about 260km, about 12 hours non-stop cycling, in the best conditions a cyclist could hope for: cold, wet, dark, ugly, december weather on bumpy belgian roads through cobbled flemish cities. I have never ridden such a distance in a single day, so this will be a challenge to me. To comfort myself I like to think about it as a “Tinsel Xmas Ride”, and will dress accordingly.
Every donation you make, will motivate me to finish, especially if it rains or snows.

The Route

The route will take me from Ostend, to Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, a lot of fields, Tongeren, and finally Kelmis. Crossing through 6 provinces, 3 communities, 3 language areas, and 2 regions (sorry Brussels).

More info

If you need more convincing, the people at World Bicycle Relief are producing lovely informative videos such as the one below, and host a website full of additional content for you to explore.

If you read until here and like the idea, feel free to share it with your friends and family on social media (or per fax).

PS: We are still writing articles about our worldtrip, coming soon :)

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