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How to build an IKEA wood stove

First things first, acquire a small IKEA ORDNING utensil holder, they are available for about 2 bucks in stores, or on the Internet.

Advantages of this wood stove:

  • Very cheap, about 2€ initial cost.
  • Free fuel, wood is all around us.
  • Light and robust, ~150 grams (5 oz), stainless steel.


  • Requires open-flame proof cooking equipment.
  • It takes a bit of practice to get a good fire going.

Recommended tools for this hack:

  • Rotary saw, or jigsaw.
  • Metal file to smoothen out sharp edges.


  1. Begin by cutting a 3x4cm hole in the side.
  2. That’s it. Yes. Now put some wood in that stove, light it up, and prepare some yummy food.


We have used this wood stove for a month, twice a day, and found it to be very robust, perfect for cooking and grilling. When we don’t use it, we pack it into a plastic bag and hold other utensils in it, such as drinking cups or bottles.

With time, the stove gets covered in soot, simply washing it with a bit of soap makes it look like brand new!

What is your experience with this stove? Have you tried it or do you plan to build your own? Leave you comments and tips below!

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